Why Open Source Software

At Inexsoft, we thrive on Open Source Software (OSS). This enables us to provide reliable Software solutions at an affordable price. It has provided an added transparency to our work. All of the Open Source products we utilize have a large active community. Community member provide regular updates on features and performance upgrades. Most of all they are quick to identify bugs and security threats associated with their products. This enables for quick patches or updates to eliminate those vulnerabilities.  Below mentioned are some of the technologies we utilize  in providing solutions to our clients.

LAMP (Linux,Apache,MySQL,PHP)/LEMP(Linux,Nginx,MySQL,PHP)

LAMP stack and LEMP stack are the most popular Web Hosting platform available on the market. Apache and Nginx are the most popular Web Servers available because they both are reliable and secure.  Nginx performs better on static contents and Apache performs same as Nginx when tested for dynamic contents. Hence, based on our clients requirements we provide either LAMP or LEMP. MySQL is the most popular database server among the Web Hosting Companies. MySQL is the main Database Server provided to clients. In addition to MySQL, we are flexible to provide other Open Source Free Databases because we value client’s special requirements. PHP is used as  the default server side programming language by most of the Content Management Systems. We are flexible to provide other programming languages to cater specific solutions to our clients.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Content Management Systems provide a strong base platform for Web development. They have a large community who provide regular updates and quickly eliminate any vulnerabilities detected. WordPress, Drupal and Joomla are some such popular CMS’s used in the web industry today. WordPress is probably the easiest and most flexible CMS available right now. As a result it has become the most popular CMS in Australia and worldwide. Joomla and Drupal are same as the WordPress when compared for their functionality and features. Our team is capable of catering all of the above mentioned CMS’s to suite specific needs of our clients.


LibGDX is a great cross platform Android game development platform. We use it for our development projects due to it’s functionality and cross platform nature. Over the years it has become a leading platform in gaming industry due to its active community.

Our Contributions


Inexsoft is keen on supporting the OSS Community whenever an opportunity arises.You can find more details about our contributions to Open Source Community at GitHub. Most of all this provides an opportunity to payback to OSS community for their great commitment.